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7 Quick Fixes to Transform Your New Home: Upgrade Air Vent Covers & More

7 Quick Fixes to Transform Your New Home: Upgrade Air Vent Covers & More

Moving into a new house is both an exhilarating and overwhelming process. What tasks do you need to tackle right away? And how can you make your new space feel like your own?

We’ve rounded up the essential steps—from simple décor tweaks to upgrading air vent covers—that you can use to transform your new house into a warm, personalized haven that genuinely feels like home. 

Taking care of these tasks right when you move in can save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run. 

Here are seven things to make your new home feel like yours:

1. Prioritize Safety

After receiving the keys to your new house, it's a good idea to change the locks on the exterior doors to ensure your safety and privacy.

The previous owners, real estate agents, and maintenance personnel may have copies of the keys, which is why installing new lock sets or hiring a locksmith to replace them should be a top priority. This will provide you with peace of mind and help you feel secure in your new home.

Consider also installing a security system for an added layer of protection. This can range from a simple alarm system to more sophisticated options, like security cameras and smart locks.

key in lock of home

2. Do a Deep Clean

Before moving in the furniture and decorating your new home, take the opportunity of the empty space to do a thorough cleaning.

While some sellers may leave the house tidy, others may not, and a deep clean ensures you start on a fresh slate. If you're short on time or resources, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job. If you prefer to do the job yourself, gather all the necessary supplies beforehand, including buckets, brooms, mops, a vacuum, and cleaners for different surfaces.

Don't overlook any nooks or crannies—your cleaning sweep should encompass everything from cabinets and vent covers to carpets and floorboards.

By ensuring your new home is clean, you’re laying the foundation for a comfortable, healthy living space for years to come.

person wearing yellow rubber gloves and cleaning bathroom surfaces

3. Give a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting the walls and ceilings of a home is a massive undertaking that can take up a lot of time and energy. Before slapping on a coat of paint, be sure to first assess the condition of the walls and ceilings for any cracks, holes, or defects.

Prepping these surfaces can be a tedious task, but you’ll save yourself time and money down the road if you deal with these imperfections now.

If you're on a tight schedule and the entire house requires repainting, choose a neutral palette for all rooms to simplify the project and reduce some of the decision-making. This will provide you with a clean canvas until you have more time to repaint the rooms with your preferred colours.

And unless you have some willing friends and relatives to help, it’s also worth considering hiring professionals to get the job done most efficiently.

couple prepping their home to begin painting

4. Focus on Storage and Organization

Organizing your belongings in your new home is critical to ensure a smooth transition.

Before moving in, assess the home’s storage options. Keep in mind that many older homes come with limited closet space—often with just a simple pole and shelf.

Consider where you'll store your items and invest in organizers to accommodate everything. This will reduce the stress of moving in and make your life in the new home more enjoyable.

Don't limit your organizational efforts to just the closets: consider where you'll store everything, from winter boots to laundry detergent. A strategically placed extra shelf, coat hook, or other organizers can go a long way in making your new home more comfortable to live in.

empty white walk in closet

5. Upgrade Your Vent Covers

In many older homes, especially those that have undergone several renovations, you might notice mismatched outlets and switch plates, rusted or damaged air vent covers, and dirty or discolored cover plates.

To help create a sense of harmony, replace these devices with something more modern (and something that matches!). Swapping a cover plate only requires a small screwdriver, but replacing electrical devices isn't a DIY project unless you're comfortable working with electricity.

Replacing your vent covers is simple with the help of our team at kul grilles. Learn how to measure for your new vent covers here.

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Anodized Clear vent covers from kul grilles are a sleek, matte, satin aluminum finish.

living room in grey colour palette with large windows and brushed chrome kul grilles vent covers

6. Clean Your Vents

Once you've purchased your new home, you should have the mechanical equipment serviced and cleaned right away.

It's crucial to have the heating and cooling systems cleaned and other routine tasks completed, as this not only improves the air quality of your new home but also optimizes the efficiency of these systems (this can lead to potential energy savings!). Regular maintenance moving forward will help ensure these systems function optimally, contributing to a healthy living environment.

From your full HVAC systems to your vent covers—everything should be thoroughly cleaned before moving in.

man cleaning vent in home

7. Install Window Treatments

Installing window treatments is essential for privacy and adds a finishing touch to your new home.

Whether you opt for custom-made treatments or inexpensive, temporary shades, it's essential to cover your windows. You can always choose more personalized options later as you live in and continue to decorate your new home.

living room in warm colour palette beside dining room

Key Takeaways

Transitioning into a new home brings a mix of excitement and stress. But by addressing these seven key steps prior to moving in, your move will be much smoother and more enjoyable.

From securing your home, deep cleaning, organizing, and painting, to vent cleaning and upgrading and window treatments, these actions help transform your house into a comfortable, welcoming home that reflects your style and personality.

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