Curate Your Home's Style with Modern Air Vent Covers

air vents modern home exterior Steve Gates Architects Twin Buttes kulgrillesPhoto courtesy of Steve Gates Architects

Minimalist modern vent covers can lift any space, whether you are starting a new build or doing a major interior overhaul. But how do you choose the right shape and color to maximize your space and curate your home's interior style?

Go Custom: Make your air vent covers a design feature

When building your dream home from scratch or renovating an existing space, consider incorporating a custom air grille into your wall, ceiling or floor as a featured design element. If you have a contemporary, free-flowing lay-out then a stand-out air vent creates an airy aesthetic that draws your focal point and helps connect the interior spaces.

Custom grilles are your opportunity to go bold and showcase a small or large space. Place them over a kitchen island, in front of a hangar door that leads to a back garden oasis or on a mezzanine loft space. They work by helping to weave together various materials and textures, such as steel beams, exposed brick, marble, hardwood flooring and expansive windows.

Going custom curates your space, making it a personal reflection of your lifestyle and design aesthetic. kul grilles can be manufactured in almost any size to fit unique requirements—from small, sleek, linear grilles to long, spliced sections. Our largest vent cover to date is over 35 feet long!

floor vent covers white glacier frost finish light oak floors white casings modern prefab sagemodern squaw valley by kulgrilles

Photos courtesy of Steve Gates Architects

Blend your vent covers into the surrounding surface

A surefire way to maximize your home’s modern, minimalist and luxurious state of flow is to blend your floor registers, wall air vents and ceiling return air grilles to their respective surrounding surfaces. Matching your vent cover to the floor or wall that it is going into creates clean lines, symmetry and warmth to the room.

Use this handy guide to select the finish that’s right for you:

Surface Color

Vent Cover Finish

Blonde, light grey, cement, white, off-white, silver

Glacier Frost, Anodized Clear, Brushed Chrome

Medium brown, Walnut, copper, bronze, rose

Anodized Light Bronze, Anodized Clear

Dark brown Mahogany, Ebony

Wenge Brown, Black Monolith

vent covers anodized clear black casings side by side steve gates twin buttes by kulgrillesPhoto courtesy of Steve Gates Architects

Our customer, Steve Gates Architects, based in Durango, Colorado, has masterfully implemented our custom and stock grilles in Anodized Clear and Glacier Frost finishes into their residential projects. All the images shown here are from the Twin Buttes and Thomas residence. Each home incorporates the adventurous outdoor environment of southwest Colorado, and every detail is curated to reflect the client’s tastes and lifestyle.

floor vent covers anodized clear modern kitchen white oak floor steve gates twin buttes by kulgrillesPhoto courtesy of Steve Gates Architects

heat register anodized clear modern floor to ceiling windows steve gates twin buttes by kulgrillesPhoto courtesy of Steve Gates Architects

Discover our full selection of grille finishes or custom grilles that you can use to recreate the look.

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