Project Highlight: Florida Brista Homes + kul grilles + Anodized Clear Grille



kul grilles is excited to be working with Brista Homes in Florida.

Brista Homes is a development and construction company that specializes in custom-built homes and remodels in the Bradenton-Sarasota area.

Bird Key, Sarasota - Custom Home

Brista Homes feature spacious open designs with large expanses of glass to take full advantage of the beautiful foliage and water views Sarasota, Florida offers. 

Creating open & airy; breezy & bright interiors that make every day feel like you are on a Florida vacation!

Bird Key Sarasota New Construction

Bird Key, Sarasota - Custom Home 

Mark Ursini, is the founder and President of Brista Homes. Mark feels his special attention to even the smallest details, positions his homes a cut above the rest.

To keep this advantage, Mark seeks out the newest, highest-quality and most sophisticated finishes available to incorporate into his homes. One day, as Mark was searching, he found us! kul grilles!


Embassy House, Sarasota - Remodel 

Mark recently completed a renovation project. He chose our floor registers in our Anodized Clear finish to add some sparkle! The clean look of our grille design and our crisp Anodized Clear finish worked beautifully with the flooring and furnishings in the space. 

Thank you, Mark, for sending over some great shots! We love seeing our floor grilles inside a fresh new home. They do look fantastic!


kul grilles + Brista Homes + 12x6 Clear Anodized floor grilles


kul grilles + Brista Homes + 12x6 Clear Anodized floor grilles


kul grilles + Brista Homes + 12x6 Clear Anodized floor grilles


kül grilles + Brista Homes + 10x6 Clear Anodized floor grilles

Be sure to visit the Brista Homes website to see their photography gallery showcasing their magnificent Be sure to keep kul grilles in mind for your next project!