Designer Highlight Vent Covers | Lemmontree Design + kul grilles

Lemmontree Design is a family business providing interior design, staging, renovation, and construction services in Waterford, Ontario. Many of their clients live in beautiful Norfolk County and surrounding areas.

Nancy and Jeff of Lemmontree Design believe that every design detail needs attention, more specifically their vent covers.


While developing the design plan for a recent bathroom remodel, Nancy immediately recognized the placement of the floor register in the clients bathroom could be an issue. It held a prominent spot on the floor, right in the middle of the sight-line leading to the new shower. Finding a clean-lined vent cover design was integral to maintain a visual flow in the narrow space.

Nancy was on a mission to find the right floor register and found us! kul grilles!  

As you can see by the photos, our Brushed Chrome vent cover was the perfect solution to this design challenge.

We thank Nancy and Jeff for sharing the photos of the project. We are excited to highlight another impressive space created by Lemmontree Design!

Please visit the Lemmontree Design website and contact them for your home remodel project.





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