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kul grilles Vent Covers Blend Seamlessly Into This Small Town, Big City Inspired Family Home

kul grilles Vent Covers Blend Seamlessly Into This Small Town, Big City Inspired Family Home

This Harris Builders home with floor-to-ceiling windows, deserves seamless finishings, like kul grilles. The minimalist space is perfectly complemented by our vent covers that blend into the surroundings without distracting from the main attraction – the connection between the outside and inside.

Modern Urban Oasis in Steinbach, Manitoba with kul grillesPhoto courtesy of Harris Builders
Photography by Lindsay Reid

Within an hour's drive of Winnipeg, is this picturesque property, with an oasis-like terraced yard that's perfect for parties. This home overlooks the expansive prairie of Southern Manitoba but is inspired by big cities. To achieve the client's desire for a refreshed outlook, a single-family residence was renovated into an open-concept home with an addition to expand their living space. kul grilles vent covers were the final finishing touch.

Modern living room in Steinbach, Manitoba with brushed chrome vent covers kul grilles

The balance of dark trim and light, warm textiles gives the room an added fullness without overwhelming the space, allowing the floor-to-ceiling windows to remain the focal point.

This sleek, contemporary dining room features multiple vent covers in our brushed chrome finish. Other custom vent cover options and sizes are available to fit the needs of your project. Contact us to learn more about our modern vent covers.

modern home in steinbach, manitoba with brushed chrome vent covers by kul grilles

Harris Builders in Winnipeg, Manitoba has a deep understanding of building from the ground up. For years, they operated under the name Pile Foundations Ltd. where they were one of the largest piling companies in Canada. As a result of this passion for detail, they began building and renovating homes.

The custom home building and renovation services they provide has grown steadily over the past ten years while they maintain their industrial operations. From foundation to roof, Harris Builders offers a full range of home building services including inspections, design work, and all aspects of home construction.

master bathroom oasis with brushed chrome air vent covers by kul grilles

To learn more about Harris Builders visit their website at

Shop kul grilles Vent Covers Inspired by Builders like Harris Builders.

kul grilles vent covers are the best option for adding functionality to your home while maintaining its minimalist style and design. Learn more here.

Whether you are looking for custom or standard-sized vent covers, our selection of finishes and sizes will transform your house into an extraordinary home. Discover our custom grilles, made to fit your unique requirements.

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