kul grilles custom sizes terms and conditions - measuring your kul grilles properly

kul grilles custom sizes

kul grilles has the capabilities to manufacture almost any size of grille to fit your unique requirement. Measuring custom sizes requires an experienced contractor or builder to ensure the proper dimensions are submitted to our quote department.

Returning / Refunding Custom Sizes

kul grilles is unable to return or refund any custom sizes as they have been custom built to suit the specific requirement of the individual project. Please ensure the contractor follows the following measurement guidelines when placing a custom size order. If the grilles do not properly fit upon receipt, the contractor will be required to make modifications to the floor or wall to ensure the grilles will fit properly within the opening. Additional custom sizes can be ordered but will be charged at an additional fee. kul grilles will not be able to rebuild custom grilles that were not properly sized without additional expense.

Measuring the opening

To ensure a proper fit for your application, please see the below notes and instructions to aid in the measuring of your duct work/rough opening.

* kul grilles sizes are based on the rough opening/duct work opening, NOT on the overall dimension of the existing grille.

* Be sure to measure the narrowest dimension on both the length and width of the duct opening to ensure a proper fit.

* Provide the actual measurements of the ductwork to kul grilles, not the estimated size requirement. For example: If the hole is 10 x  3”, please provide us with this size for the quote and we will undersize the grille appropriately.

* kul grilles (custom) are available in 1/4 “increments. If you find that your measurements are ending in 1/8”, 3/8”, 5/8” or 7/8”, please round your dimensions up to next 1/4” increment.

* kul grilles are undersized 1/4" in the manufacturing process to further ensure the best possible friction fit. (If the hole opening measure 10 x 3", we will manufacture the grille opening at 9.75 x 2.75 to ensure a 1/4" space between the grille stack and the opening.

* The frame of the kul grille extends 1" past the stack, which will ensure coverage of the hole opening. Using the 10 x 3" example again, the overall size of the 10 x 3 grille would be 11.75 x 4.75.