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eclectic interior with wallhangings

22 Clever Ways to Incorporate Art In Your Home

We understand that decorating a new home is an art in itself, And choosing which pieces of artwork you’ll display is the key to creating a unique personal aesthetic for your space. 

Drawing from our expertise as a leading supplier of modern air vent covers, switch plate covers, and grilles, our team is brimming with ideas of clever and imaginative ways to bring art into your living space—some of which you’ve probably never even considered! 

Let’s look at 22 creative ways to display art in your new home to ensure it’s infused with style and a personal touch.

eclectic home with varying wallhangings

1. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are ideal for art enthusiasts with a broad range of artworks at their disposal as they offer a rich visual experience. For a dynamic look, mix and match different frame dimensions, designs, and hues, or try alternating between portrait and landscape layouts.

2. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer a flexible, modern canvas for smaller artworks. Lean some pieces against the wall and place others upright for visual depth, or group them by theme or color to create a coherent narrative.

"What I love about floating shelves is the dimensionality they can bring to a space. It's a canvas where smaller artworks find their spotlight, and every arrangement tells a different story, revealing layers of your personality and taste."– Carley Dupuis, Creative Marketing Manager at kül grilles

3. Floor Display

Ideal for larger artworks or statement pieces, resting art directly on the floor can bring a contemporary, relaxed vibe to your space. Pair your floor art with tall plants or furniture pieces to prevent the artwork from looking isolated.

4. Sculpture Display

Use pedestals, tabletops, niches, or corners to place sculptures in your home. You can even combine different materials and sizes to keep the display interesting. 

One important note—adequate lighting is crucial to help accentuate the 3D nature of sculptures.

5. Architectural Outlines

Enhance your home's architectural charm by using existing elements such as windows, doorways, or fireplaces to frame your art. This approach integrates art into the home's existing structure and involves less planning on your part.

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6. Cluster Display

Grouping artworks of different dimensions can create a high-impact visual statement. To keep a cohesive appearance, incorporate a recurring aspect — like a consistent color scheme, motif, or frame design — throughout the display.

7. Art Ledges

Art ledges or picture rails are great for displaying smaller art pieces. The ledge allows for easy swapping and rearranging of art pieces, meaning you can refresh your display as often as you want. 

8. Stairway Showcase

Use the vertical space along your staircase to create a dynamic art showcase. A chronological display of family photos or a thematic art series can look especially cool here.

contemporary stairway with pendant lights

9. Corner Gallery

Turn overlooked corners into areas of interest by arranging small pieces of art in them. You can leverage the vertical area by positioning artworks at varying levels, ‌drawing the eye upward and maximizing space.

10. Ceiling Display

Challenge traditional perspectives by using the ceiling as a display space. Hanging sculptures or kinetic mobiles can help add dimension to a room and create visual interest.

11. Bookshelf Gallery

A blend of literature and art can evoke a calm, inviting atmosphere in your space. Place small sculptures, figurines, or framed pictures amongst your books, ensuring they don't overcrowd the shelf.

12. Bathroom Art

Bathrooms present unique opportunities for splash-proof art. Framed prints or canvases can bring personality and color into the often-neutral palette of bathrooms.

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13. Mantlepiece Display

Use your fireplace mantlepiece to create a warm display of your favorite art pieces. Balance taller pieces with shorter ones, or line up an array of similar-sized pieces for a uniform look. Just be careful if you use the fireplace often. 

14. Minimalist Display

If you prefer a clean, uncluttered look for your space, opt for a single, large piece of artwork as the room's centerpiece. This brings a focused, minimalist appearance and helps prevent visual clutter.

15. Art in Unexpected Places

Surprising locations like laundry rooms, hallways, or even closets can benefit from art, too! Small prints or text-based art can turn these utilitarian spaces into unexpected pockets of creativity.

16. Panel Displays

Multi-panel art, like triptychs or Japanese folding screens, can act as room dividers or large wall displays to add a dynamic visual rhythm and can help create distinct zones in open spaces.

eclectic interior with wallhangings

17. Thematic Rooms

Align your art with the room's theme. For example, in a room with coastal decor, display seascapes or marine-themed art to enhance the theme even further.

18. Children's Art

Celebrate your child's creativity by dedicating a wall to their art. Changing the display regularly can make your child feel appreciated and involved in the home's decor.

19. Bedroom Art

Choose art that reflects your personal aspirations or helps create a soothing atmosphere. Position it above the bed or opposite it where it's likely to be the first and last thing you see each day.

20. Kitchen Art

Use vintage posters, fruit-themed paintings, or culinary prints to add flavor to your kitchen decor. Keep in mind the heat and moisture exposure when choosing art for this space.

21. Optical Illusion Art

Create a talking point by using 3D or optical illusion art in strategic spots. Hallways, foyers, or spaces seen from multiple angles work best to appreciate these pieces.

22. Lighted Displays

Use spot or accent lighting to enhance the visual impact of your artwork. This is especially effective for textured art pieces where the play of light and shadow can reveal extra depth.

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Final Thoughts

​​Incorporating art into your living space is a wonderful way to express your personality through design. 

Every element, from choosing the right pieces to finding the perfect spot for them, helps transform your home into a reflection of you and your style. 

As you arrange your artwork, remember to pay attention to smaller facets too, such as switch plates and air vent covers, which can complement your artistic display. 

kül grilles switch plate covers are equipped with a magnetic faceplate system for a sleek integration into your home's design. They’re available in an array of finishes including Anodized Matte Black, Glacier Frost, and Stainless Steel allowing them to blend with your current interior theme. 

Learn more about kul grilles switch plate covers and other products.

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