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kül Plates Technical Specifications

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kül plates Sizing Specs

kul plates are a screwless retrofit cover plate that replaces new and existing switch and socket cover plates with a fresh and modern look.

What makes kul plates different from other covers, is the use of high-powered magnets, so it can be removed and replaced for cleaning, painting and maintenance.

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Sizing Specs

kul grilles kul plates switch plate covers finishes

Each kül plate is manufactured in North America out of .040 5052-H32 aluminum, or 24-gauge stainless steel.

kül plates Finishes

kul plates 3g glacier frost engraved light switch plate greybg

Custom Engraving

Add a personal touch to your light switches with kül plates. Our engraving option allows you to indicate the use of each switch.

Engraving Fonts Available

Click below to view our step by step installation guide for kül plates

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