kül grilles | upgrade your vent covers to modern grilles

kül grilles vent covers are designed to complete the modern look of the most inspiring homes. From our popular hand brushed aluminum finish to our durable powder coat paint and anodized finishes, we offer a wide range of architecturally appealing options to suit every project. Let us help you replace your existing floor registers and air vent covers with stylish alternatives.
kul grilles can custom manufacture almost any size air vent cover to meet the needs of any hvac vent cover requirement. From brand new design builds requiring modernized ac vent covers to every day home renovations requiring a simple one off size air vent cover, our customer service team will work with you to make your dream home perfect down to the last detail.

kül plates | the modern alternative to light switch covers

kül plates offer a modern alternative to conventional light switch covers. The clean lines of our screwless wall plates provide a minimalist design that can redefine your home’s aesthetics. They serve as versatile accent pieces, capable of either merging seamlessly or standing out boldly.
Choose from our favorite hand-brushed to resilient powder coat paint and anodized finishes, ensuring that houses adorned with kül grilles vent covers have a coordinated wall accent to match. Let us help you replace your light switch covers and switch plates with these stylish alternatives.