There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing and sizing wall or floor vent covers.

Our resource center was designed with this in mind to give everyone from home builders to homeowners the most accurate information on the technical aspects of choosing a kul grilles vent cover.

Video Tutorials

For more Technical details / specifications - we provide downloadable documents for HVAC contractors / professionals to help determine which sizes are required for your application as well as more technical information about our heating vent covers and AC vent covers.


For more technical requirements we provide downloadable documents that can be provided to hvac experts or be used to determine damper configurations for individual heating vent covers.

Still have a question?

Contact our top tier customer support team, we encourage our customers to pick up the phone and chat with a dedicated account manager so that we can make any dream home perfect down to the last detail. Our product support team can be reached at 1-866-613-7771 or to answer any questions or technical requirements you may have.

Whether you are a minimalist design enthusiast, a prestigious home builder / architect, or a mid-century modern homeowner, kul grilles floor vent covers are the right solution and have graced the floors and walls of some of the most iconic homes in North America.

Our floor register covers and mounted heating registers / ac vent covers can blend seamlessly into any space or stand out for a unique design accent. We look forward to becoming one of the modern accents that makes your dream home a reality.

We are proud to work with some of the most respected design / build companies in North America. From builders and architects to interior designers and general contractors, kul grilles has supplied floor register covers and wall register covers to some of the most beautiful homes in the country. We work directly with the trades and have a select group of showrooms who represent our product.