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Airflow & Dampers

Slide Damper

Available for 10x3, 10x4 and 12x4

Opposable Blade Damper

Can be manufactured for any size

floor register slide damper for vent covers by kul grilles

Slide Damper

To maintain a minimalist appearance, kül offers a visually clean, easily accessible residential slide damper as an accessory to our linear grilles to allow for air flow control where necessary. Available for our standard 10x3, 10x4 and 12x4 grille sizes, these dampers are stock items and are available for quick ship.

floor register slide damper installed preview magnified by kul grilles
  • Quality coated steel construction
  • Powder coated black regardless of grille finish
  • Ordered separately to be easily snapped onto the grille on-site - no screws or mounting hardware required
  • Operator sits 1/8" above the core bars for easy accessibility

Download our Slide Damper technical specifications

floor register metal opposable blade damper by kul grilles

Opposable Blade Damper

kül offers a quality coated steel construction opposed blade damper as a custom accessory to our linear grilles. The gang operated damper blades move simultaneously in opposite directions for smooth volume control from fully open to fully closed and can be manufactured for almost any standard size of kül grille.

kul grilles metal opposable blade damper face of grille by kul grilles
  • Grilles are custom manufactured together with the dampers, as the grilles are undersized ¼” to ensure a proper fit. Lead times & custom setup fees will apply
  • If the grille is longer than 24”, the dampers will be installed in multiple pieces
  • Dampers are raw steel regardless of grille finish
  • They can be adjusted from the front with a very small flat head screwdriver but are best adjusted from behind the face of the grille
  • Require at least 3” of clearance behind the grille

Damper position closed

Damper position opened

View from face of grille

Download our Opposable Blade Damper technical specifications

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