Project Highlight: Atomic Modern + kul grilles + Anodized Clear Grille

Project Highlight: Atomic Modern + kul grilles + Anodized Clear Grille

kul grilles floor vents registers


World War II pushed forth advances in science and technology including the invention of atomic energy. "The Bomb" set off other Atomic Era Booms: The Baby Boom and the Housing Boom.

At the time, visual representations of the atom itself became a design motif reflected in home decor. Printed on barkcloth textiles, on glassware, and on almost every other decorative item you could think of, forward-thinking Atomic style was all the rage for en vogue modern homes. 

Our kul grilles customer, Robert loves the Atomic Era and Modern Architecture. Robert's home clearly reflects his passion for both! To pay appropriate homage to his favorite historical design period, Robert was very selective in choosing the right decor elements to match the Atomic Era aesthetic in his Mid-Century Modern home.

kul anodized clear floor grilles: Anodized Clear is a soft, matte metallic finish.

Robert's journey to kul grilles started with his front entry foyer. The home's amazing original floor tiles were painstakingly restored to their former glory but sadly, the old dented floor vent cover could not be salvaged. So, the hunt began for a stylish, clean-lined, era-appropriate floor register to replace it. Enter kul grilles!

The front foyer is the first impression that sets the design tone for the entire home. kul grilles have a linear-bar-grille design that happens to mimic the reeded glass sidelight window in Robert's foyer. The rectangular shape of Robert's new grille jives with the railings and wall treatment featured in the space. 

Once Robert found our grilles, he knew he couldn't stop with just one. He soon decided to replace every floor vent throughout the house!

Thank you, Robert, for sharing these photos with us. We are excited to shine a spotlight on your project and capture the opportunity to show-off your new kul grilles!

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kül grilles Project Highlight:
Jake & Aubry's Mid-century Modern Reno

kül grilles Project Highlight:<br>Jake & Aubry's Mid-century Modern Reno



Jake & Aubry + kül grilles + black monolith grilles 

We were so excited to hear that Jake and Aubry's home renovation project would include kul grilles, we immediately asked if we could share photos of their project as a Project Highlight. Jake and Aubry have been documenting their renovation journey on their own blog at You can also follow them on Instagram at
Be sure to check them out!

Jake did the research to find the right ceiling vents for their project and found us. He chose our Black Monolith grilles to seamlessly sink into the overall design. Great choice Jake and Aubry!

kul black monolith ceiling grillesBlack Monolith is a pitch black, matte powder coated finish.

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Project Spotlight: KUBE Architects 2019 DC Metro Modern Home Tour + kül grilles Modern Grilles for the Modern Home

Project Spotlight: KUBE Architects 2019 DC Metro Modern Home Tour + kül grilles Modern Grilles for the Modern Home



KUBE Architecture + kül grilles + brushed chrome grilles

kül grilles loves Modernism! We are proud to be represented in the AIA Award-winning, KUBE Architecture Dual Modern Home, showcased at the 2019 DC Metro Modern Home Tour in October.

Architect: KUBE Architecture  I  Photography courtesy of Julia Heine Photography

Inside the tour:

The DC Metro Modern Home Tour allows modern design enthusiasts to get inside each home and meet the Architects, Builders, and Designers on each unique project and get inspired. This presents a chance to experience the latest in modern building materials and incorporate them into their own designs.

Inside the Dual Modern Home project:

Located in Highview Court, in Silver Spring, MD sits a one-of-a-kind, piece of art. This renovation and addition to the Architect’s own 1950 mid-century modern house, designed by Charles Goodman, included two phases.

The existing Goodman structure was first renovated five years ago, with a new kitchen, bathroom, and windows. The original floor plan was preserved, except for the kitchen being opened to the main living room. The just-completed addition extends the living space to include a library, an office that doubles as the kids’ hangout space, along with two new full bathrooms and a laundry room.

This unique union of structures combined with a multi-level footprint, open concept design, and concrete floors would naturally pose some unique heating, ventilation and air conditioning challenges. Finding the right air quality solution was critical to the flow, literally and aesthetically.

From a visual design perspective, air vents in open-areas must blend into the surroundings. Not to create sightline disruptions. Where would the design team find unintrusive, clean-lined, sleek modern floor grilles? What floor registers would be best to use on these concrete floors? Enter kül grilles!

KUBE Architecture + kül grilles + brushed chrome floor grilles           Bold colors and sophisticated finishes throughout the home

The team searched and found our website. They chose our Brushed Chrome grilles for their clean-lined design and cool modern finish. kül grilles provided the perfect combination of beauty, form and function. A testament to good modern design. 

Take a close look at the pictures to see how kül grilles blend seamlessly into this modern home. A perfect finish to a perfect project!

KUBE Architecture + kül grilles + brushed chrome floor grilles

An outstanding shot! Iconic modern furniture with pops of color adds artistic eye candy. Moving through every room in this modern home provides a unique sensory perspective.

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kul grilles floor grilles and registers in Kelowna Modern Show Home

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

One of our favorite modern builders in Kelowna ( is featuring kul grilles in their new show home. Perched high atop a mountainside in Northern Kelowna, this beautiful modern project boasts many incredible details:

First and foremost: The view.... hovering over the beautiful Okanagan lake, this location has the most incredible view. 

kul grilles modern floor grilles and register vents

The beautiful soapstone fireplace creates an incredible focal point for the room.

kul grilles modern floor grilles and register vents

The master bedroom shares the sprawling Lake Okanagan view. Modern patio accents and patterned Black carpet create the perfect backdrop to show off the brushed chrome kul grilles floor registers

kul grilles modern floor grilles and register vents

Dwell on Design update! kul grilles modern floor and wall registers in prefab modern home


Thank you to Method Homes for providing the photos from this wonderful modern prefab show home on the dwell on design trade show floor. This gorgeous, minimalist modern home was the perfect venue to showcase our matte finish clear anodized grilles

kul grilles anodized floor registers

Note the beautiful use of minimalist white to contrast the gorgeous wood tones in this cozy space. The satin finish of the clear anodized grilles make wonderful accents in this home. 

The clear anodized sliding patio doors are a perfect match for our anodized grilles