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Custom Size Vent Cover Visualizer

Custom size vent covers can be manufactured to almost any size to meet the unique design requirements of any project. The kul grilles custom size vent cover visualizer is designed to produce an accurate rendering of custom vent cover sizes in real time while displaying the number of screw hole placements a grille will contain when a mounting hole application requirement is selected. Note that mounting holes are required for any wall or ceiling application to properly ensure that the vent cover is secured in place.

Include Measurement Include Holes

kul grilles custom vent covers can be constructed as wide as you want with each vent cover coming in sections of 6 foot lengths with the core bars running parallel to the length. Any custom sized vent cover that exceeds a 6 foot length will require multiple grilles to be spliced together at the job site.

Please note that all our standard vent cover sizes are listed directly on the product pages here. If you require a vent cover size that is not listed on our product pages it will be a custom grille.

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