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Vent Cover Technical Specifications

air vent grille face with holes by kul grilles with dimensions

Available Sizes

4” x 1-1/2”

72” x 18”
*Length, one piece.
Grilles longer than 72" will be supplied in two or more equal sized units complete with alignment splice plates for attachment.

Vent Cover Face Overall Dimensions

Duct Size represents the size of the vent cover opening/ductwork. External Frame Dimension represents the overall size of the frame.

Duct Size External Frame Dimensions
1- 1/2” (38) 2- 11/16” (68)
2”- (51) 3- 3/16” (81)
2- 1/2” (63) 3- 11/16” (94)
3” (76) 4- 3/16” (106)
3- 1/2” (89) 4- 11/16” (119)
4” (102) 5- 3/16” (132)
5” (127) 6 3/16” (157)
6” (152) 7 3/16” (183)
air vent covers performance data by kul grilles

Performance Data

Tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 70-2006
All pressures are in inches of water
The NC values are based on a room absorption of 10 dB re 10-12 Watts and a 10 ft. active section. The NC correction values for other lengths are listed in the table below.

kul grilles black monolith vent cover

Return Air Applications
When used as a return air intake, the NC value given in the performance table will be increased by 4. For return air application, the negative static pressure will be 0.8 times the static pressure value as shown in the performance table.

Available Fastening Types

countersunk screwholes kul grilles
kul grilles front hole illustration

Countersunk screwholes are visible from the face of the vent cover and are required when mounting for sidewall and ceiling application. Color matched screws are provided with each order.

Contemporary room with large windows and kul grilles Anodized Light Bronze vent cover

General Information

kul grilles are manufactured from aluminum and have a clean, minimalist style.
kul grilles are suitable for all residential floor, wall and ceiling application.

  • Extruded aluminum pressed core construction
  • Welded / reinforced corners for floor use
  • Core bars are supplied parallel to the long dimension
  • Core is fixed
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