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kül Plates Installation Instructions

kül plates offer a modern alternative to conventional light switch covers. The clean lines of our screwless
wall plates provide a minimalist design that can help redefine your home.

1. Turn off power

2. Remove old cover plate

3. Align backing plate into place

4. Tighten included screws down

5. Adjust switches to level them

6. Snap on kul plate

Click below for kül plates sizing and technical specifications

kül plates Installation Troubleshooting

If the plate does not sit flat, this may be because the wall is not flat. Plates can be formed to meet with wall imperfections. Just bend it slightly until the desired fit is achieved.

Removal of kül plates

There is a slot on the bottom which can be used to grip the kül plate. You can use a screw driver to remove it.

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