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brushed chrome vent cover and stainless steel-switch plate in modern dining room by kul grilles min

9 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Home Without a Full Remodel

At kül grilles, our expertise lies in creating modern home solutions through our wide range of light switch covers and air vent covers. 

With our extensive experience in home design projects, we’re excited to guide you through 9 easy and affordable ways to refresh your home's style without engaging in a full remodel, including swapping out your vent covers and light switch covers for a more modern solution. Keep reading to learn more! 

brushed chrome vent cover and stainless steel switch plate in modern dining room by kul grilles min

Painting Your Space

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one of the first things people notice in a kitchen, and if they look outdated, a fresh paint coat can be a huge improvement. Choose colors that are timeless or trending, aligning with your home's color scheme. Be sure to sand the cabinets before painting for better results. 

house repair woman paints wooden door white color with brush min

Bathroom Vanities

A new paint job can quickly breathe life into old wooden vanities. Choose a waterproof paint color that matches your tiles and bathroom fixtures. This painting task could also be a good time to replace old knobs or pulls and swap out the faucet for a more modern design.


Painting exterior doors is more budget-friendly than replacing them. A bold color can enhance your home's curb appeal, and the same principle applies to interior doors where a contrasting color can transform a door into a decorative piece that elevates the room's style.

Baseboards and Trim

Dark, wooden trim can make a space feel outdated, so painting your trim white is an easy way to brighten and modernize your home. Be sure to clean, sand, and prime the wood before painting for a smooth finish.

air vent cover glacier frost white by kul grilles next to white crown moulding baseboard min

Other Paintable Surfaces

Consider painting built-in shelving, tiles, floors, countertops, and fireplaces using specialized paints designed for these surfaces. Preparation is crucial—don't skip sanding and priming, and be careful to choose the right paint for each surface.

Lighting Upgrades

Ditch the dated lighting fixtures for modern options to transform your space. LED lights provide brighter and more energy-efficient illumination, and for a statement piece, consider installing pendant lights or a modern chandelier.

Door Hardware Refresh

Replacing all door hardware like knobs or handles can give your doors a new look without the expense of replacing the doors themselves. 

For a more modern appearance, matte finish bar handles could work well, while crystal or antique bronze knobs will cater to a more classic look.

Baseboard Update

Switching to taller, more modern baseboards can significantly alter the feel of a room. Choose a simple design that complements your home without overpowering it.

vent cover brushed chrome white barcelona chair kul grilles min

Carpet Renewal

Replacing old carpet can quickly refresh a space, and sometimes you might even discover hardwood floors beneath. If hardwood isn’t an option, consider budget-friendly laminate or vinyl planks.

Electrical Upgrade

Old light switches and electrical outlets can make your home appear dated. Replace them with modern, white or stainless steel options for a sleek look. Upgrading to smart switches or outlets adds a touch of luxury and convenience.

Upgrading to New Faucets

Installing modern faucets is an effective way to give your sinks a fresh look. It's a straightforward process that many people can do by themselves with just a few tools. Newer faucet models can also help you save water thanks to their improved efficiency. Modern faucets come in various styles and finishes, so you can easily find one that matches your home's decor. 

Moulding Additions

Installing new mouldings like crown, base, or wainscoting can add character and value to your home, giving rooms a more finished and luxurious appearance.

kul plates anodized matte black 4g plate on panelled wall min

Modern Switch and Vent Covers

Light Switch Covers

Our kül plates provide a modern alternative to traditional light switch covers, offering a seamless, screwless elegance. Their minimalist design can blend in or make a statement, depending on your preference.

Vent Covers

Similarly, our kül grilles vent covers replace traditional vent covers with stylish, modern alternatives. Available in six color options, they can elevate your home’s design significantly.

Shop kul plates light switch covers and kul grilles air vent covers now.

black monolith vent covers before and after by kul grilles copy min

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