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A Modern Mountain Home Reaches New Heights With kul grilles Vent Covers

A Modern Mountain Home Reaches New Heights With kul grilles Vent Covers

Take a sneek “peak” at a northern Idaho residence nestled in the mountains, where kul grilles vent covers are cleverly incorporated into the home’s modern interior.

Base camp Design uses kul grilles in this modern mountain home

Photo courtesy of Base Camp Design
Architect: Sayler Owens Kerr Architecture Design Studio
Photographer: Colton Moore

Living space featuring Anodized Bronze kul grilles vent covers

This Base Camp Design build was designed to maximize natural light and let the outdoor landscape shine throughout each season. Each room offers an uninterrupted view of Lake Pend Oreille with striking scenes of snow-covered mountains in the distance.

In the interest of creating a space that is both serene and minimal, it was important that the home's design elements not distract from its clean aesthetic. Sleek and refined, kul grilles vent covers add a suitable touch to the space without disrupting the home’s relaxing neutral interior. A perfect balance between form and function.

base camp craft room featuring kul grilles

Base Camp Design principal designer/owner Kate Lyster, who designed the space along with her small team, explains, “The mountain modern design encourages clean modern lines within the architecture, yet the installed materials takes notes from the surrounding outdoors…beautiful wood floors, natural accent colors to play off the lake.”

kul grilles vent covers in Anodized Light Bronze and Glacier Frost perfectly suit the home’s nature-inspired design—the soft, matte bronze-toned aluminum finish of Anodized Light Bronze blends nicely with the soft, textural palettes and warm features, while the clean white finish of Glacier Frost complements neutral tones of beige, white, cream, gray, black, and brown.

Base camp dining room featuring anodized bronze kul grilles vent covers

The floor vent covers are also available in four more finishes—from the bold, black finish of Black Monolith to the clean look of Brushed Chrome and a range of hues in between.

Keep an eye out for another update on this modern mountain home on our blog in the coming months.

Base Camp Design strikes a balance between luxurious and livable spaces in its home designs and renovations.

Based in northern Idaho, the firm is made up of a team of innovative professionals who showcase their knowledge and skills by designing and creating spaces for clients ranging from historic to contemporary.

kul grilles vent covers featured in this master bedroom in glacier frost

To learn more about Base Camp Design, visit their website:

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If you're looking to add functionality to your home without comprising the elegance of style and design, kul grilles vent covers are the best option.

Whether you are looking for custom or standard-sized covers, our selection of finishes and sizes will transform your house into an extraordinary home.

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