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D'Agostino & kul grilles Vent Covers: Redefining Modern Luxury

D'Agostino & kul grilles Vent Covers: Redefining Modern Luxury

Within the construction and development industry, D'Agostino Construction and Development (DCD) is a top-tier, full-service general contractor, boasting a rich history that extends over 15 years.

Helmed by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Giancarlo and Katie, DCD has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality results in commercial and residential projects across Los Angeles and Orange County.

Fueled by a passion for the craft and dedication to satisfying their clients, DCD has created a reliable network of skilled craftsmen. Their commitment to their clients is mirrored in their use of high-quality materials during every phase of construction, even down to the minute details.

As part of this commitment, DCD regularly works with kul grilles as their trusted provider for vent covers.

D'Agostino Construction Development collaboration with kul grilles vent covers, showing contemporary home exterior and beach front landscapePhoto courtesy of D'Agostino Construction and Development

Recently, D'Agostino embarked on a remarkable modern home project featuring kul grilles’ vent covers to complement the stunning interior. 

In the modern kitchen/dining area, set against sleek, all-black walls, DCD installed kul grilles in a Brushed Chrome finish. These air vent covers harmonize beautifully with the surroundings, enhancing the contemporary feel of the space.

Brushed Chrome custom vent cover from kul grilles used in contemporary interior

The room’s light hardwood flooring offers a delightful contrast allowing the Brushed Chrome vent covers to truly shine. These vent covers, in their unique modern finish, add the perfect finishing touch to the room, creating an exquisite balance of style and functionality.

Modern Brushed Chrome vent cover on light hardwood floor

With this home build, DCD has incorporated products that not only fulfill functional requirements but also enrich the overall aesthetic of a modern luxury residence. This is a shining example of their approach to construction and development.

The company consistently delivers exceptional results for its clients, and its wide range of services, including construction management, new construction, and custom home renovations, ensures that every project is approached with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Husband and wife duo of D'Agostino Construction Development

 To learn more about D'Agostino Construction and Development visit their website at

D'Agostino Construction Development collaboration with kul grilles in high end modern design projects

Shop kul grilles Inspired by Builder like D'Agostino Construction and Development

If you're looking to add functional elements to your home without compromising the elegance of style and design, kul grilles vent covers are the best option.

Whether you are looking for custom or standard-sized vent covers, our selection of finishes and sizes will transform your house into an extraordinary home. Discover our custom grilles, made to fit your unique requirements.

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