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classic bedroom with sage green panelled walls

Elevate Your Walls: Wood Treatments and Matching Light Switch Covers

If you’re thinking about revamping your home's interior, wood wall treatments are a fantastic choice. They bring warmth, texture, and character to any room. 

But to elevate that style, you also need the right light switch covers. At kül grilles, our knowledgeable team of staff are leaders in home improvement and interior design, and they’re here to guide you through the best types of wood wall treatments and light switch covers to go along with them. Let's dive deeper!

contemporary interior with deep wood panelling

Beadboard: Simple, Stylish, and Adaptable

Beadboard, with its distinct beaded design, is a classic style that's continuously being reinvented. While many think of it as a traditional wall covering, it also shines on ceilings or as a unique kitchen backsplash. Its adaptability is one of its standout features. 

Board and Batten: Modern, Affordable, and Distinct

Board and batten, a design pattern featuring vertical boards overlaid with narrow strips, provides a textured and geometric feel to walls. Originally an exterior feature, its transition to interior spaces has added a fresh perspective to modern homes.

 "It’s not just stylish but also a smart choice for those wanting a contemporary vibe without breaking the bank," says Carley Dupuis, Creative Marketing Manager at kül grilles.

classic interior with panelled walls

Shiplap: Classic, Versatile, and Timeless

Shiplap's history traces back to shipbuilding, yet its appeal in home interiors remains undiminished. Whether you lay it vertically or horizontally, it complements a room’s architecture beautifully. Extending it to the ceiling can heighten a room's spaciousness. 

"Shiplap adds character while maintaining a clean and uncluttered feel," says Carley Dupuis, Creative Marketing Manager at kül grilles.

Panel Moulding: Elegant, Customizable, and Striking

Panel moulding offers more than just rectangular frames on walls—it's a statement piece. With the freedom to adjust the size, number, and color of the frames, you get a canvas to let your creativity shine. 

classic bedroom with sage green panelled walls

Wainscoting: Bold, Creative, and Dynamic

Wainscoting doesn't just cover the bottom half of a wall—it allows for bold design choices. Its structured layout invites homeowners to play with contrasting colors, making it a focal point of interior design projects. 

kül plates: The Perfect Light Switch Cover for Every Style

An elegant wood wall treatment demands a complementary light switch cover, and kül plates fit the bill perfectly. 

Modern, sleek, available in five standout finishes, and designed to fit effortlessly with any decor, they're the finishing touch to your space you didn't know you needed. 

kul plates 4g anodized matte black in contemporary dining room

While wood wall treatments can dramatically transform a space, the details matter too. Paired with the right light switch cover from kül plates, your room isn't just changed—it's elevated. The combination creates interiors that are both functional and uniquely yours.

Shop kül plates light switch covers now.

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