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From Register Covers to Indoor Gardens: The Top 10 Requests for Design Professionals in 2023

From Register Covers to Indoor Gardens: The Top 10 Requests for Design Professionals in 2023

In recent years, the pandemic has significantly influenced homeowners' design priorities, any are choosing to invest more into their homes, seeking elements that prioritize comfort and convenience.

Designers have emphasized that their clients are seeking fuss-free, elegant solutions—like kul grilles register covers—to create cozy and inviting sanctuaries within their homes.

From open floor plan living rooms to functional outdoor spaces, homeowners are seeking designs that make their homes feel like sanctuaries. Here are the top 10 requests for design professionals in 2023.

1. Durable materials

Homeowners are placing a premium on durability in interior design. They are in search of heavy-duty materials and surfaces that are easy to clean, especially those with young children.

With more people spending extended periods of time at home, it makes sense that homeowners are keen to invest in longer-lasting materials. 

Kul grilles register covers are made from quality aluminum, all metal construction and are available in six modern finishes to suit any architectural need. Our powder coat paint finish is highly durable and resistant to chipping, scratching and corrosion.

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anodized clear modern linear vent cover from kul grilles

2. Open floor plans that remove dining rooms

Open floor plans that combine functionality and comfort are gaining popularity, with homeowners asking for kitchen zones that integrate cooking, prep, entertaining and dining areas. 

To achieve this, many homeowners are choosing to omit the traditional dining room and instead create a casual area for a breakfast table. This not only serves daily meals but also functions as a space for larger gatherings during the holidays.

To further enhance the functionality of these areas, homeowners are requesting elements such as swivel chairs at dining tables to take advantage of their open floor plans.

open floor plan in modern kitchen and dining room design featuring kul grilles vent covers


3. Color

Color is also becoming an increasingly important aspect of interior design.

Homeowners want to inject more color into their homes, but there is a growing trend toward using neutrals and earth tones instead of the traditional gray and white color schemes.

While blue kitchens are currently in vogue, interior designers are advising clients to invest in timeless color palettes, like creamy whites, browns, and matte black.

kul grilles register covers are available in six modern finishes to suit all your color scheme needs. From Glacier Frost register covers, to Anodized Light Bronze, we have the right finish for you.

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bold color in modern kitchen design featuring kul grilles vent covers

4. Indoor Flora

With people spending more time at home, there has been a growing interest in indoor plants that improve air quality and add a touch of nature to their homes.

Creative solutions like living walls, hanging planters, and custom-built plant shelves are being used by designers to integrate greenery into homes, creating soothing and nurturing environments for homeowners to relax in.

 indoor flora in home design featuring kul grilles air vent covers

5. Flexible Spaces for Work and Play

Many homeowners are staying close to home and have embraced a new normal of working from home and attending virtual meetings.

They are requesting comfortable and flexible spaces that can adapt to their changing needs without sacrificing aesthetics.

​​As a result, design professionals are incorporating multipurpose areas that can seamlessly transition between workspaces, entertainment zones, and relaxation areas, employing innovative storage solutions and versatile furnishings to create a harmonious balance between functionality and style. 

6. Layered Spaces 

Homeowners are seeking to add depth, texture, and personality to their spaces. They are open to elevated styles that incorporate natural materials, softer hues and a textured  feel. 

If you’re looking for register covers in warm hues, kul grilles has six modern finishes available.

Anodized Light Bronze and Wenge Brown perfectly complement the warmer hues of your home.

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anodized light bronze kul grilles air vent covers in layered space interior design

7. Landscape Design Features

Homeowners are also focused on creating landscapes and gardens that reflect their interests and support nature. 

They are increasingly seeking designs that incorporate elements such as pollinator-friendly plants, water features, and natural habitats for local wildlife. This approach not only showcases their personal style but also contributes to a healthier, more diverse ecosystem in their outdoor spaces.

8. Native and Sustainable Options

There is a growing interest in native plants that are better suited to the local climate, require less water, and provide benefits to local flora and fauna. 

As homeowners become more environmentally conscious, they are increasingly seeking landscaping options that not only enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces but also promote ecological balance. These plants often attract and support local pollinators and wildlife, fostering a thriving ecosystem right in their backyards.

Design professionals are capitalizing on this trend by offering tailored solutions that incorporate native plants and sustainable practices, creating outdoor spaces that harmoniously coexist with the surrounding environment while meeting the aesthetic preferences of their clients. 

9. Edible Gardens

Homeowners are also requesting the design and installation of edible gardens, which provide fresh produce and improve the sustainability of their homes.

These gardens not only serve as a visually appealing addition to indoor and outdoor spaces, but also promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging the consumption of organic, homegrown fruits and vegetables.

The trend toward edible gardens has prompted designers to incorporate innovative solutions, such as vertical gardens, hydroponics, and compact container gardening, to accommodate varying home sizes and spatial constraints. As a result, the demand for design professionals with expertise in these areas has surged, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability and well-being in contemporary home design.

edible indoor gardens on trend for interior design in 2023

10. Outdoor Entertaining Features

With the desire to entertain family and friends in their homes, homeowners are requesting design features that make outdoor entertaining more enjoyable.

Sunken rooms, zero-edge pools, hidden lighting and modern water and fire features are among the most popular choices for outdoor entertaining 

The Takeaway 

Homeowners are placing greater emphasis on functional, comfortable, and eco-friendly design elements that align with their evolving lifestyles and interests, while also opting for high-end, durable products for their finishing touches like kul grilles register covers

Design professionals have responded to this growing market by providing innovative, tailor-made solutions that cater to clients' unique needs and preferences. 

These trends are expected to continue to influence the design industry, fostering a focus on environmentally friendly practices, resource efficiency, and the creation of aesthetically pleasing homes that enhance the well-being of the occupants. 

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