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modern luxury living room with multifold doors to patio

Living Room Design: Fresh Looks for 2024

As we enter 2024, it's clear that exciting changes are on the horizon for living room design.

If you're looking to give the central space of your home—a place for gathering, unwinding, and creating memories—a modern update, these are the top design concepts you'll want to consider. 

From incorporating organic elements to embracing new technologies, we'll show you how to blend comfort with luxury and make your living room a standout space.

modern luxury living room with multifold doors to patio

Embrace Calm with Color

Envision your living room drenched in soothing shades like lavender, known for its calming influence. Selecting the right colors can transform the mood of your space and provide a peaceful retreat from the world's hustle and bustle. 

Soft pastels can also play a role, providing a gentle backdrop for relaxation. Consider color psychology to choose hues that not only look good but feel good too.

Japandi: Minimalism Meets Elegance

Combine the simplicity of Japanese design with the functionality of Scandinavian aesthetics. This 'Japandi' style focuses on decluttered spaces, natural materials, and earthy colors, turning your living room into a minimalist haven. 

Think bamboo accents and simple lines to complement the clean look. Furniture should be as practical as it is beautiful, embodying the best of both cultural design philosophies.

modern livingroom with curved furniture and plaster walls

Curved Comfort

Soft curves are making a comeback, adding a sense of expansiveness and warmth. Incorporate this trend with curved furniture and rounded decor to make your living space more welcoming. 

Curved elements can also break the monotony of straight lines and sharp corners, adding fluidity to the room's design. Look for circular coffee tables or curved-back chairs to introduce this style.

Terrazzo: A Bold Statement

Imagine a striking terrazzo feature wall as your living room's centerpiece. No longer just for floors, terrazzo offers a splash of customizable design that can be as subtle or bold as you wish. 

This composite material can be speckled with vibrant colors to create a lively focal point or muted tones for a sophisticated touch. Terrazzo brings texture and personality to any living room.

bright cozy modern living room with indoor plants

Indoor Greenery for Wellness

Indoor plants do more than beautify—they boost well-being. Adding a range of greenery can elevate the look and feel of your living room, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant environment. 

From towering fiddle leaf figs to delicate ferns, plants can be chosen to fit any room size and style. They also purify the air, making your living space not just chic, but also healthier.

Warmth with Earthy Tones

Picture a living room painted with the warm hues of autumn—terracotta, burnt orange, mixed with dark grays and textured whites. This palette creates an inviting and snug atmosphere you'll love. 

These colors can be layered with natural wood finishes and woven textiles to deepen the sense of coziness. Earthy tones also pair well with a variety of materials, from leather to cotton, adding to the room's textural appeal.

Affordable Elegance

Transform your space with a gold-hued mural for a luxurious feel without breaking the bank. Feature walls like this can add a sophisticated touch at a fraction of the cost. 

Metallic accents can be echoed in picture frames, lamp bases, or decorative objects to tie the room together. DIY mural options or removable wallpaper can make this trend accessible to all.

kul plates 4g light switch plate anodized matte black on white wall

kül Products: The Finishing Touch

kül products are designed to complement these 2024 trends. Our kül plates light switch covers are screwless and sleek, fitting perfectly into minimalist and modern designs. 

With finishes from Anodized Matte Black to Glacier Frost, they'll match any color theme, from calming to earthy. These light switch covers are not only functional but also act as small art pieces on your wall. Their installation is a breeze offering an instant upgrade to any living space.

Our kül grilles vent covers are just as versatile. Custom-sized for any HVAC needs, they come in six finishes, including Wenge Brown and Glacier Frost, adding a sophisticated accent to your space. 

Beyond function, kül grilles vent covers infuse elegance into what's often an overlooked part of the room. They reflect a commitment to detail that won't go unnoticed by guests with a discerning eye.

kul grilles brushed chrome vent cover on white oadk flooring in modern living room next to blue sofa

Make It Happen with kül

We know it's the little things that complete a home's look. That's why our kül plates and kül grilles bring that essential sophistication to your living room. They're not just stylish—they're functional, ensuring your living room isn't just up-to-date but fully integrated. 

With kül, the switch from the every day to the modern is simple and satisfying. Our products promise durability and style, ensuring your living space remains contemporary for years to come. 

When you revamp your living room with kül's modern light switch and vent covers, you're not just keeping up with trends—you're ahead of them. Let us help you make the switch to a living room that's as stylish as it is current.

Shop kül grilles and kül plates now.
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