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bathroom interior with white panelled walls

Mixing Styles in the Bathroom: Tips for a Unique and Cohesive Design

Mixing styles can create a unique design aesthetic. When it comes to selecting fixtures and elements, such as faucets for a claw-foot tub, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Consider the overall style and feel you want to achieve: Before selecting any specific elements, have a clear idea of the overall style and feel you want to create. It will help guide your choices and ensure that everything works together harmoniously.

Complementary styles

It's okay to mix and match modern and traditional elements that complement each other. For example, a sleek, modern faucet might look out of place next to a claw-foot tub with ornate feet.

Instead, choose a faucet with clean lines and a traditional shape that complements the tub.

bathroom interior with white panelled walls

Balance the proportion

When mixing styles, consider the proportions of each element. If you have a small claw-foot tub, a large, modern faucet might overwhelm the space.

Consider a smaller and more traditional faucet that will balance the room.

Finishing Touches

The finish of your fixtures can also impact the overall look and feel of the space.

A claw-foot tub with chrome feet with a chrome faucet might create a cohesive look.

On the other hand, a brushed nickel or bronze faucet might create a more eclectic feel.


Mixing modern and traditional styles is about creating a unique and eclectic look.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations of fixtures and finishes until you find the perfect balance for your space.

What's the best way to make your bathroom feel eclectic?

For an eclectic bathroom, try mixing different styles, textures, and colours.

Start by choosing a bold colour for your walls or vanity, and then add unexpected elements like vintage light fixtures or eclectic artwork.

Incorporating different types of materials, such as a rustic wooden mirror or a sleek metal faucet, can also add to the eclectic feel of the space.

clawfoot tub with silver hardware

An often-overlooked element that can add a high-end finishing detail to your bathroom is a stylish vent cover

kul grilles offer a variety of customizable vent covers to match your bathroom's decor. With their unique designs and high-quality materials, kul grilles vent covers can add visual interest to your eclectic bathroom design. 

Consider choosing a vent cover with a bold finish to really make it stand out. By incorporating small details like this, you can create a cohesive and eclectic bathroom design that feels both personal and stylish.

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bathroom with walk in shower with black hardware

What metals are we going to see more of in the bathroom?

Metal finishes are always evolving and changing. In recent years, we have seen a surge in the popularity of matte black and brushed nickel finishes in bathrooms.

These finishes provide a sleek and modern look and have quickly become a staple in many bathroom designs.

However, as we move forward, we can expect to see an increasing range of metals in bathroom design.

One metal that is gaining popularity is brass, which provides a warmer, more traditional look.

Other metals like copper and bronze are also used more frequently in bathroom design, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space.

white bathroom with gold hardware

When it comes to incorporating metal finishes into your bathroom, consider the details, such as vent covers.

A high-quality kul grilles vent cover can provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. Made of quality aluminum, kul grilles vent covers are durable and long-lasting, ensuring a long-term use.

The six modern finishes by kul grilles allow a vent cover to suit any architectural need or design style. With quick turnaround times for both in-stock items and custom requests, kul grilles can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams in no time.

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bathroom with wood cabinets and anodized clear toekick kul grilles vent cover

Are there any particular tricks or tips for making the most of a small bathroom?

When it comes to making the most of a small bathroom, every inch counts. Here are a few tricks and tips that can help you optimize your space and make your small bathroom feel more functional:

Use light colours:

Light, neutral colours can make a small bathroom feel brighter and more spacious. Consider painting your walls a soft shade of white or beige, and opt for light-coloured tiles and fixtures.

Maximize storage

In a small bathroom, storage is essential. Look for creative ways to maximize your storage space, such as adding shelves or cabinets above the toilet or installing a vanity with drawers and cabinets.

bathroom with marble tiles

Choose the right fixtures

For fixtures like sinks, toilets, and showers choose more streamlined options. For example, a pedestal sink can take up less space than a traditional vanity, and a frameless glass shower door can make a small bathroom feel more open.

Add mirrors

Mirrors can make a small bathroom feel larger by reflecting light and creating the illusion of space. Consider adding a large mirror above your vanity or installing mirrored cabinets.

Invest in quality details

Adding high-quality details, like vent covers from Kul Grilles, can elevate the look and feel of your small bathroom.

Kul Grilles vent covers are made of quality aluminum and are available in six modern finishes, making them a stylish and functional addition to any small bathroom. Plus, their all-metal construction ensures durability and longevity.

By implementing these tricks and tips, you can make the most of your small bathroom and create a functional and stylish room.

white bathroom with silver hardware and antique rug

What are cost-effective ways to update a bathroom if you have a limited budget?

Consider painting outdated cabinetry, replacing hardware such as sconces, faucets, and cabinet pulls, investing in new countertops, and changing lighting. 

If your tile is outdated, try using rugs and a new shower curtain to distract from it. Another option is to update your accessories, such as adding towels or a trashcan, which can impact the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Mixing different styles in the bathroom can create a unique and personalized look. For a cohesive design, consider factors such as overall style, complementary styles, proportion, and finish of fixtures.

Adding small details like vent covers from kul grilles can also help elevate the look of your bathroom. For metal finishes, matte black and brushed nickel have been popular in recent years, but we can expect to see a wider range of metals being used in bathroom design, such as brass, copper, and bronze.

For small bathrooms, maximizing storage, choosing the right fixtures, adding mirrors, and investing in quality details can help optimize the space and create a functional and stylish bathroom.

Mixing different styles in the bathroom can lead to a unique and cohesive design.

By considering factors such as overall style, complementary elements, proportion, and fixture finishes, you can achieve a harmonious look.

Adding small details like vent covers from kul grilles can elevate the overall aesthetic.

While matte black and brushed nickel have been popular metal finishes, expect to see a wider range of metals, including brass, copper, and bronze, in bathroom design.

When dealing with limited budgets, cost-effective updates can include painting cabinetry, replacing hardware, updating accessories, and making small changes to lighting and countertops.

Remember that small bathrooms can be optimized through smart storage solutions, appropriate fixtures, the addition of mirrors, and investing in quality details. With these considerations, you can transform your bathroom into a functional and stylish space.

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