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boho styled room interior with white vent cover by kul grilles min

Top 10 Home Décor Trends to Try in 2024

Looking to update your home with the latest looks? Check out these top 10 home décor trends for 2024. 

Whether you’re into bold statements or understated elegance, we’ve got the inside scoop on what’s trending this year. And when it comes to adding that perfect finishing touch, kül grilles can help. 

At kül grilles, we're all about freshening up your space in practical ways. We're a team with plenty of experience in crafting sleek, functional air vent and switch plate covers that fit right into today's home design trends. 

Our goal is simple: to help you make your home look and feel great.

moder biophilic living room with picturesque view lake min

Biophilic Design

Nature in your home is big news. Think plants, wood, and lots of light. 

Create an oasis with large windows, indoor plants, and natural materials like stone and bamboo to enhance your connection with the outdoors.

Our vent covers in Anodized Light Bronze are the perfect match for this trend, with designs that mimic natural patterns. They help to create that serene, earthy vibe in any room.

Green Materials

Eco-friendly is the way to go. Select decor made from reclaimed, recycled, or renewable materials to add both beauty and a clear conscience to your space, and items like bamboo furniture and recycled glass accents are not only stylish but also kind to the planet.

Earthy Colors

Soft greys, warm sands, and muted greens are making a comeback. These soothing earth tones set a peaceful mood in any room. They provide a versatile backdrop that works with a variety of decor styles, from minimalist to boho.

living room maximalist style with warm colors min


It’s time to celebrate excess with loud colors and wild patterns. Create a lively space with a rich mix of textures, contrasting hues, and dynamic prints that reflect your personality and zest for life.

kül grilles modern vent cover in Black Monolith is a bold, black finish that complements loud colors and patterns well. Shop Black Monolith vent covers now.

Hybrid Rooms

Flexibility is key in modern homes. 

Design your spaces to serve multiple purposes – a living room that doubles as a guest room, or a kitchen that hosts a work area. Furniture with hidden storage and convertible designs can help make the most of your square footage.

anodized light bronze vent cover in contemporary room with vintage gold framed mirror min

Vintage Vibes

Blend the old with the new by introducing vintage flair into contemporary spaces. 

This trend involves mixing retro-inspired patterns and classic silhouettes with modern accents to create a nostalgic yet fresh feel.

Crafted Décor

Handmade and artisanal items bring authenticity to your home. Look for unique textiles, pottery, and woodworking pieces that showcase the maker's craftsmanship and provide a one-of-a-kind touch to your decor.

cozy wooden interior country house with layered textiles cable knit blanket min


Add dimension with a variety of textures. Think chunky knits, smooth silks, and rustic woods to create a layered look that invites touch and adds visual interest to any space.

Smart Lighting 

Energy-efficient lighting is both smart and stylish. 

Opt for LED options that offer a range of colors and intensities to suit your mood, and complement them with innovative switches and dimmers for full control over your home's ambiance.

boho styled room interior with white vent cover by kul grilles min

Boho Chic

Dive into an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures with boho chic. 

This carefree style is perfect for those who love to combine unique finds, vintage pieces, and a variety of materials for a personalized and unconventional look.

Try kül grilles vent covers in Glacier Frost for a clean, modern accent in your boho chic space. 

Why Choose kül grilles for Your Home Update

At kül grilles, we take home aesthetics seriously. We’re in the business of elevating your space with vent covers and switch plates that catch the eye for being sleek, not just for being there.

kül grilles are made of quality aluminum, all metal construction and are available in six modern finishes to suit any architectural need. Manufactured in North America, our air vent covers can be supplied to any customer within a few days 

Curious about our offerings? Explore kül grilles and start shopping.
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