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It is critical to understand that it is the duct work opening that kul grille sizing is based on when measuring your grilles. If you measure the length and width of your duct opening (ex- 10x3) you would order a 10x3 kul grille. Our grilles are manufactured slightly undersized to ensure a proper friction fit and compensate for any duct work or floor opening craftsmanship variances.

The portion of the grille that inserts into the duct work is the “stack” which represents the order size.

The overall grille size will be larger due to the grille frame that extends 1” past the stack and rests on the floor or mounting surface. The frame is also 1” to cover rough openings for a clean final appearance.



Our grilles come with the option of mounting holes. Mounting holes are required for a side wall application, typically not selected for a floor application unless the purchaser would like to secure the grille into the flooring surface.

The mounting holes are counter sunk into the frame material so that, once the mounting screw is installed into the mounting surface, it is flush with the frame and clean in appearance.



We do manufacture wall grilles. They are the same product as our floor grilles but mounting holes are required for a wall application. It is important to understand that our grilles recess into the desired location by 1” in depth.



Our kul grilles are made of high quality extruded aluminum with mitered corners for a clean finished appearance.



Our grilles have fixed cores to maintain a minimalist appearance and do not adjust or move.



Ceiling grilles are the same product as the floor and wall application grilles. Overhead mounting of larger grilles is not recommended for safety reasons unless mounted into a ceiling joist. The purchaser is vulnerable to the risk of mounting screws not holding securely into a drywall surface overhead.



We ship to addresses in America and Canada only.