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kül plates Sample Kit

Congratulations on receiving your new kül plates sample kit!

So, what's next? Explore more about our product below, or feel free to reach out to us for a quote or any other inquiries!

Product Features

Sample Kit Contents

kul plates sample kit contents

Installation Instructions

1. Turn off power

2. Remove old cover plate

3. Align backing plate in place

4. Tighten included screws down

5. Adjust switches to level them

6. Snap on kül plate

Technical Specifications

kül plates are a screwless retrofit cover plate that replaces new and existing switch and socket cover plates with a fresh and modern look.

What makes kül plates different from other covers, is the use of high-powered magnets, so it can be removed and replaced for cleaning, painting and maintenance.

Sizes available

Our switch plates are available in 1-8 gang sizes.


From our stainless steel finish to our durable powder coat paint and anodized finishes, we offer a wide range of architecturally appealing options to suit every project.

kul plates 3g glacier frost engraved light switch plate greybg

Custom Engraving

Add a personal touch to your light switches with kül plates. Our engraving option allows you to indicate the use of each switch.

Engraving Fonts Available


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