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Our standard lead times are as follows:

In Stock Sizes

  • In stock grilles (listed here) ship within 2-3 days of ordering.

Custom Sizes (built to order - not in stock)

  • Non anodized grilles have a 4-4.5 week manufacturing lead time (plus shipping). This includes Brushed Chrome, Glacier Frost, Black Monolith and Wenge Brown finishes.

  • Anodized grilles: have a 4.5-5 week manufacturing lead time (plus shipping).This includes Clear Anodized and Anodized Light Bronze finishes.

  • Please expect 4-5 business days depending upon location of residence for you grilles to reach you once shipped and you receive your email notification of shipment that includes tracking information.

When you receive an email notification that your order has shipped, within the email you will be provided with a link to click on to see the shipment status of your order. In the event that the link does not properly work, Google UPS tracking and enter the tracking number provided in the shipment notification into the space provided on the UPS tracking website.

Custom and brokerage fees are included in the shipping costs.

We do not currently ship overseas. We ship within Canada and the United States. Please contact if you wish to discuss a larger overseas order as we do make exceptions for larger orders.

Shipping is calculated based on the dollar value (not the size and weight) of the order.