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contemporary bathroom chrome hardware white cabinetry

10 Bathroom Design Features Pros Always Recommend

kül grilles started with a simple goal: to fuse functionality and modern design through our air vent and switch plate covers. With every project, we’ve learned more about the small details in interior design. In our experience, one room that often seems to get overlooked is the bathroom. 

Traditionally viewed as a functional space, the bathroom has evolved into a room for relaxation and a reflection of personal style. As homeowners invest more time and resources into their bathroom designs, there are a few elements used often by experts that they should keep in mind.

Let's look at the top 10 bathroom design features that the experts always vouch for, including a few suggestions from our seasoned account specialists at kül grilles:

contemporary bathroom chrome hardware white cabinetry

1. Freestanding Bathtubs

    A hallmark of luxury, freestanding bathtubs stand as the focal point in your bathroom. Whether its a vintage clawfoot tub or sleek modern acrylic, freestanding bathtubs let you express your style while enjoying a spa-like soak.

    2. Walk-in Showers

      Synonymous with modern design, walk-in showers are spacious, barrier-free, and easily accessible. Their frameless designs offer a clean look, and options like waterfall showerheads or multi-jet systems make them an everyday luxury.

      3. Modern Vent Covers by kül grilles

        Shift from the standard, old-school vents to our modern vent covers that add a designer touch to your space, with finishes like Brushed Chrome, Glacier White, or Wenge Brown. 

        Our customization options are the cherries on top, aligning with any design vision or idea—no matter how unique. 

        “For visual flow, choose finishes that complement other hardware and accessories in the space.”, says Heather, Sales Account Specialist at kül grilles.  

        4. Heated Floors

          Radiant heating underfoot not only provides comfort but is an energy-efficient heating solution, making those chilly mornings a tad more bearable.

          contemporary bathroom chrome hardware black cabinetry

          5. Dual Vanities

            Tackle the morning rush with ease with dual vanities. Personalized space for toiletries along with individualized lighting and mirrors can help you create a simple, stress-free morning routine.

            6. Contemporary Light Switch Covers from kül plates

              Standard switch covers are often an afterthought, but they shouldn't be. 

              kül plates transform standard switch covers into design features, creating a cohesive modern look—especially when paired with matching kül grilles vent covers.

              Shop kül plates switch plate covers. 

              modern bathroom with meta kul plate switch plate covers in glacier frost white

              7. Natural Light

                Skylights, frosted windows, or even sun tunnels can transform the bathroom, reducing the need for artificial light and promoting energy efficiency.

                kul grilles black monolith toekick vent cover in contemporary bathroom white subway tile

                8. Ample Storage

                  Effective storage solutions like recessed medicine cabinets, built-in shelves, or floating vanities can help keep clutter at bay. Drawer dividers, pull-out trays, and wall-mounted cubbies can also be integrated to store everything from towels to toiletries.

                  9. Sustainable Features

                    Green designs are here to stay. Water-saving faucets, dual-flush toilets, and energy-efficient heating systems make your bathroom eco-friendly. Materials like bamboo or recycled glass tiles can also be introduced to marry sustainability with style.

                    10. Statement Mirrors

                      Beyond their functional use, mirrors can be decorative elements, too. Consider large, frameless designs or vintage mirrors with ornate frames. Backlit or LED mirrors also add a futuristic look, ensuring optimal lighting for all your grooming tasks.

                      kul grilles anodized clear vent cover in contemporary luxury bathroom

                      Final Thoughts

                      Designing a bathroom that's both functional and stylish requires careful attention to detail. From bathtubs and showers to the finer points like vent covers and switch plates, every element should be chosen with care. 

                      By integrating these expert-recommended features, you'll craft a space that's truly a reflection of your tastes, delivering comfort and luxury in equal measure.

                      Shop kül grilles modern vent covers and switch plate covers. 

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