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contemporary home with pendant lights in stairway

Bright Ideas: Mixing Modern Lighting with Traditional Homes

Adding modern lighting into traditional design elements is an easy, affordable way to give a fresh lease on life to your home without a major overhaul. 

While the timeless charm of traditional homes lies in their elaborate woodwork and cozy ambiance, there’s an impressive transformation when you incorporate modern lighting into the mix. This melding of modern and traditional not only refreshes the look of the space, but also serves a practical purpose too. 

Keep reading to learn why modern lighting is a perfect match for traditional homes, and how you can pair it with our sleek, modern kül plates to update your own traditional spaces.

scandi home with natural elements

Contrast as a Visual Delight

Modern lighting brings a fresh contrast when introduced into a traditional setting. 

The sleek designs of contemporary fixtures against the detailed charm of classic woodwork or vintage motifs capture attention right away. This blend of old and new transforms everyday spaces into captivating spots, providing a smooth transition in aesthetic styles.

Efficiency Meets Elegance

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, modern lighting comes with a ton of practical benefits too. 

It supports energy efficiency, offers a range of lighting from ambient to task lighting, and seamlessly syncs with smart home systems. This marriage of utility and beauty is exactly what a modern home seeks to achieve. 

“Light fixtures and decorative hardware are like jewelry for your home. Switch plates and vent covers are necessary, but they can also be beautiful. Surround yourself with good design.
It uplifts your mood and your space.” says Heather, Sales Account Specialist at kul grilles.

contemporary home with pendant lights in stairway

Opening Up Space 

The streamlined designs of modern lighting fixtures bring a sense of openness, making spaces feel airy and more expansive. This is especially beneficial for traditionally designed homes, which may feature smaller rooms or lower ceilings. 

The sleek design allows light to spread effortlessly, creating a spacious ambiance within the interiors, and this subtle modern touch not only illuminates but visually enlarges the room, for a refreshing break from the confines of older architectural designs. 

The infusion of modern lighting subtly encourages a more contemporary and breathable living space, while still preserving the cherished classic charm of traditional homes.

kul plates anodized matte black 2 gang

The Subtle Transition with kül plates

Traditional homes often have equally traditional switch plates, which may feel out of tune with modern design. Our kül plates are designed to bridge this gap. 

Our screwless wall plate light switch covers present a neat, modern alternative to dated or older switch plate covers. With a magnetic faceplate system, they eliminate visible screws, promoting a clean, streamlined look and blending quietly or making a bold statement based on your preference.

Available in five distinct finishes— Anodized Matte Black, Glacier Frost, Anodized Matte Gold, Stainless Steel, and Anodized Matte Graphite—kül plates are a subtle yet impactful way to modernize a traditional home.

contemporary interior with PH4 pendant-lamp

When paired with our sleek, modern vent covers, they effortlessly add a dash of modern sophistication to your space.

Shop kül plates screwless wall plate light switch covers and vent covers now.

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