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Brista Homes Longboat Key

Project Highlight: Brista Homes & kul grilles Floor Registers

AC vent covers anodized clear Brista Custom Homes Bird Key SarasotaPhoto courtesy of Brista Homes

Brista Homes is a development and construction company that specializes in custom-built homes and remodels in the Bradenton-Sarasota area.

Brista Homes feature spacious open designs with large expanses of glass to take full advantage of the beautiful foliage and water views Sarasota, Florida offers. Creating open & airy; breezy & bright interiors that make every day feel like you are on a Florida vacation!

floor registers Brista Homes Embassy House Modern Home Remodel

kul grilles Vent Covers & Brista Homes

To keep this advantage, Mark seeks out the newest, highest-quality and most sophisticated finishes available to incorporate into his homes. One day, as Mark was searching, he found kul grilles!

vent covers anodized clear white oak flooring sliding white patio doors brista homes by kulgrilleskul anodized clear floor grilles: anodized clear is a soft, light matte grey finish | Photo courtesy of Brista Homes

Mark chose our floor registers in anodized clear finish to add some sparkle to his recently completed renovation project. The clean look of our vent cover designs and our crisp anodized clear finish worked beautifully with the flooring and furnishings in the space.

air vent anodized clear white oak flooring white trim brista homes by kulgrillesPhoto courtesy of Brista Homes

Thank you, Mark, for sending over some great shots! We love seeing our floor registers inside a fresh new home. They do look fantastic!

Be sure to visit the Brista Homes website to see their photography gallery showcasing their magnificent homes.

floor vent anodized clear side by side white oak flooring white trim brista homes by kulgrillesPhoto courtesy of Brista Homes

Shop kul grilles Inspired by Brista Homes

Whether you are looking for custom or standard-sized vent covers, our selection of finishes and sizes will transform your house into an extraordinary home. Discover our custom grilles, made to fit your unique requirements. 

To shop for anodized clear air vent covers: Click here

We hope this article inspired you. Remember to keep us in mind for your next project and watch for our next article on another modern masterpiece incorporating kul grilles vent covers!

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