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floor registers anodized light bronze finish beige berber carpet mid century modern renovation

Project Highlight: Retrofit Upgrade + kul grilles Vent Covers

vent covers anodized light bronze finish mid century modern renovation lining room beige and brown decor

Homeowners Don and Nancy are the proud owners of a 1959 vintage Mid-Century Modern home. After updating their home with new flooring, they realized the need to replace their plastic vent covers purchased a decade ago from a local big box store.

They decided they must expand their design refresh and purchase new floor registers, ASAP. They started their research for the right vent covers for the upgrade and found kul grilles!  When they saw our grilles, they knew that our clean-lined design was a perfect match for their Mid-Century aesthetic and would look beautiful in their home!

floor registers anodized light bronze finish beige berber carpet mid century modern renovation
kul anodized light bronze floor grilles: anodized light bronze is a warm, bronze metallic finish.

Wanting to pay homage to the original finishes in the home, they chose to use our anodized light bronze floor and return air grilles. The simple introduction of the new kul grilles instantly gave their home the design boost they'd hoped for. Finishing off the new flooring with new modern vent covers achieved a flawless new look.

We love a good design success story, especially one featuring kul grilles. We thank Don and Nancy for sharing photos and allowing us to share their story. 

Shop kul grilles and get the project look!

Get the finishing touches for your new flooring project with standard-sized or custom sized vent covers. Our standard selection comes in six finishes and 13 sizes or discover our custom grilles made to fit unique architectural requirements.

To view our anodized light bronze floor vent covers: Click here

Remember to keep us in mind for your next project. Watch for our next article on another modern masterpiece incorporating kul grilles

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