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creating clean lines and comfort in marin county home with kul grilles vent covers

Creating Clean Lines and Comfort with kul grilles Vent Covers in a Marin County Home

When it comes to modern home design, Floyd Construction Inc. knows that every detail matters. This is made clear in one of their recent projects: a modern poolside home in Marin County, CA.

This stunning residence is full of carefully selected details that come together to create a truly unique space. One of the central features of any home is the use of kul grilles Black Monolith register covers throughout the interior design.

creating clean lines and comfort in marin county home with kul grilles vent covers

Photo courtesy of Floyd Construction Inc.

kul grilles vent covers are known for their sleek and modern aesthetic, and they are the perfect complement to this home’s design. The Black Monolith register cover finish adds a touch of sophistication to the space, while the clean lines of the vent covers help to create a seamless look throughout the home. 

Not only do these vent covers have an attractive design, but they're also highly durable and functional, making them the perfect choice for busy households.

Floyd Construction Inc. worked hard to overcome the challenge of building a roof for this project. Steel beams and heavy lumber were craned in from the street to create a single-plane shed roof supporting three custom-sized 13-foot-long skylights.

Finished with minimal trim and clean interior lines, the custom features help create an open and spacious feeling throughout the home. kul grilles Black Monolith register covers are the perfect complement to every clean and minimal build.

Black monolith vent covers by kul grilles used in modern hallway by floyd construction inc

The exterior of the home features a variety of building materials, including cedar, stucco, and aluminum. The Ipe decks offer an inviting outdoor environment, perfect for enjoying sunny California summers. Inside, the home is filled with natural light, thanks to the strategically placed skylights and the use of Fleetwood exterior pocket doors.

Floyd Construction Inc. has a reputation for building and cultivating relationships with clients, employees, and subcontractors. 

To ensure the best experience for their clients, they take the time to listen to their needs, allowing them to craft custom solutions that align with their goals. This commitment has resulted in decades of high-quality service and longstanding customer loyalty.

When constructing any home, Floyd Construction Inc. takes great care to select every detail thoughtfully – including using kul grilles Black Monolith register covers. 

kul grilles vent covers used in floyd construction inc home

These vent covers add a subtle yet exquisite flair to the interior design, while still offering a clean, unified appearance throughout any residence. 

The powder coat finish of the Black Monolith register covers is durable and resistant to chipping and scratching.

At Floyd Construction Inc., it's their attention to detail and commitment to quality that sets them apart from the rest. It's clear why customers choose them time and time again.

This modern poolside home in Marin County, CA, is a stunning example of Floyd Construction Inc.’s craftmanship.

From the sleek and modern exterior to the carefully selected interior details, every aspect of this home has been carefully considered and expertly executed. The use of kul grilles Black Monolith register covers is just one example of the attention to detail that sets Floyd Construction Inc. apart. If you want a dedicated construction firm that cares deeply about every project they work on, Floyd Construction Inc. is your best bet.

floyd construction inc home featuring kul grilles vent covers

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