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Design Highlight: The Evolution of Design + kül grilles + Anodized Clear Vent Cover

Design Highlight: The Evolution of Design + kül grilles + Anodized Clear Vent Cover


streamlined kitchen design + kül grilles + anodized clear floor vent cover

Today, the kitchen has become a central consideration in every new home design. Kitchen design has evolved and tastes have become more sophisticated. Outdated kitchen islands have been replaced by the streamlined look of the waterfall island. In an open concept living space, a waterfall island looks impressive from every angle. Instead of an obstacle and a visual interruption in the middle of the kitchen, this refined kitchen island directs the flow and defines the space.

küanodized clear floor vent cover: Anodized Clear is a soft, matte metallic finish.

Design progress from the typical square kitchen island to the Waterfall kitchen island proves questionable design of the past can be re-imagined. Like the evolution of floor registers, and vent covers for wall and ceiling, kül grilles were specifically designed to introduce a new and improved design to the marketplace. Bringing a modern alternative to modern homes! Now interior designers and design-savvy homeowners can move beyond the antiquated and dated vent cover styles of the past.

kül grilles are used in this kitchen project. Our vent covers contribute to the visual flow of the space, instead of distracting from it. More proof that design evolution through modern innovation brings unexpected design improvements. Improvements we didn't realize we needed until we discovered a better option.

Please let us know that you enjoyed this content. Remember to keep us in mind for your next project. Watch for our next article on another modern masterpiece incorporating kül grilles register covers!

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