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air vent covers brushed chrome hide + seek modern kitchen project secter architecture kulgrilles

Hide + Seek Project: kul grilles Vent Covers & Secter Architecture + Design

vent covers brushed chrome call out toekick modern kitchen secter architecture by kulgrilles

Photo courtesy of Secter Architecture + Design

This project balances four unique functions, a public, street-facing architectural office; a central, flexible social core containing the living, kitchen, and dining space; a private upper level; and a verdant open-air terrace and garden. 

Secter Architecture + Design | Hide + Seek

Secter Architecture + Design offers full design services including schematic, design development, construction drawings and contract administration. They specialize in residential design: new homes, cottages, additions, and interior renovations.

 “We have developed a rigorous initial interview for our clients that assists us in highlighting any needs and desires that are unique to their project. We develop a program, initial budget, and strive to understand the opportunities and constraints of the project.” — Secter Architecture + Design

air vent brushed chrome modern kitchen secter architecture by kulgrilles

Photos courtesy of Secter Architecture + Design

The Hide + Seek project has a view that links the office meeting table-through the exterior walk-with the main living space, a design choice that expresses a perfect balance between home life and work life while keeping it modern and slick.

Dovide Secter designed the beautiful kitchen that won the 2013-2014 1st place contemporary award!

heat register brushed chrome toekick modern kitchen side by side secter architecture by kulgrillesPhoto courtesy of Secter Architecture + Design

Secter and his team selected a standard-sized hand-brushed chrome finish. This finish merges effortlessly with the tiled floor. This design technique compliments the chrome grille without taking away from the space.

Many forget the small details like a hand-brushed grille. 

Shop kul grilles air vent covers inspired by Hide + Seek

Our hand-brushed aluminum finish, durable powder coat paint and anodized finishes come in 13 standard sizes to turn your house into an extraordinary home. If you need a custom order, we can manufacture just about any size to meet your unique requirements.

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Remember to keep us in mind for your next project. Watch for our next article on another modern masterpiece incorporating kul grilles!

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