kul grilles Air Vent Covers Add Stylish Functionality To This Rustic, Modern Madison Taylor Design Home

The lofty ceilings and bright, natural light of this rustic-yet-modern Madison Taylor home call for air vent covers that add to—not subtract from—the home’s clean, contemporary feel. kul grilles vent covers in Black Monolith achieve exactly that.

With a minimal design and maximum functionality, kul grilles air vent covers are featured throughout the interior of this large, spacious home.

AC-vent-covers-black-monolith-modern-timber-home-grey-tile-black-sheep-madison-taylor-by-kul-grillesPhoto courtesy of Madison Taylor
Photographer: Nat Caron Photography
Architect: Madison Taylor

The grille’s Black Monolith finish matches seamlessly with the home’s dark trim finishes, decor, and tiled floor, and complements the warm wood tones of exposed beams and fresh white walls.

Such a large space demands a strong level of functionality, and by incorporating kul grilles air vent covers the home’s modern design is not compromised—but instead, reinforced.

black monolith kul grilles featured in this minimalist interior by madison taylor design

Madison Taylor Design is a high-end residential architectural and interior design company located in Midhurst, Ontario. Known for its timeless, imaginative, and seamlessly unexpected designs, the integrated design company has an impressive track record of achieving extraordinary results.

black monolith kul grilles in this master bedroom interior by madison taylor design

The team of architectural technologists, interior designers, interior decorators, landscape architects, and builders makes the residential home planning process easy as everything you need is found under one roof.

black monolith kul grilles in dining room by madison taylor design

black monolith kul grilles in dining room and living room in this madison design taylor home

To learn more about Madison Taylor Design visit their website: www.madisontaylordesign.com.

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