Project Highlight: kül grilles Ceiling Vent Covers | Jake & Aubry's Mid-century Modern Reno

Jake & Aubry + kül grilles + black monolith ceiling vent covers


We were so excited to hear that Jake and Aubry's home renovation project would include kul grilles and our ceiling vent covers, we immediately asked if we could share photos of their project as a Project Highlight. Jake and Aubry have been documenting their renovation journey on their own blog at You can also follow them on Instagram at
Be sure to check them out!

Jake did the research to find the right ceiling vent covers for their project and found us. He chose our Black Monolith register covers to seamlessly sink into the overall design. Great choice Jake and Aubry!

kul black monolith ceiling vent covers: Black Monolith is a pitch black, matte powder coated finish.

Please let us know that you enjoyed this content. Remember to keep us in mind for your next project. Watch for our next article on another modern masterpiece incorporating kul grilles vent covers!

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