Atomic Modern + kül grilles + Anodized Clear Vent Covers

World War II pushed forth advances in science and technology including the invention of atomic energy. "The Bomb" set off other Atomic Era Booms: The Baby Boom and the Housing Boom.

At the time, visual representations of the atom itself became a design motif reflected in home decor. Printed on barkcloth textiles, on glassware, and on almost every other decorative item you could think of, forward-thinking Atomic style was all the rage for en vogue modern homes. 

floor vent covers anodized clear finish on light oak hardwoods mid century modern decor by kulgrilles

Our kul grilles customer, Robert loves the Atomic Era and Modern Architecture. Robert's home clearly reflects his passion for both! To pay appropriate homage to his favorite historical design period, Robert was very selective in choosing the right decor elements to match the Atomic Era aesthetic in his Mid-Century Modern home.


floor vent anodized clear finish on light oak hardwoods mid century modern decor by kulgrilles


kul anodized clear floor vent covers: Anodized Clear is a soft, matte metallic vent cover finish.

Robert's journey to kul vent covers started with his front entry foyer. The home's amazing original floor tiles were painstakingly restored to their former glory but sadly, the old dented floor vent cover could not be salvaged. So, the hunt began for a stylish, clean-lined, era-appropriate floor register to replace it. Enter kul grilles!

The front foyer is the first impression that sets the design tone for the entire home. kul grilles have a linear-bar-grille design that happens to mimic the reeded glass sidelight window in Robert's foyer. The rectangular shape of Robert's new floor register jives with the railings and wall treatment featured in the space. 

vent covers anodized clear finish on multi colored ceramic tile white window casing mid century modern decor by kulgrilles

Once Robert found our vent covers, he knew he couldn't stop with just one. He soon decided to replace every floor register throughout the house!

air vent covers anodized clear finish on light oak hardwoods and ceramic tile toekick on black cabinet mid century modern decor by kulgrilles

Thank you, Robert, for sharing these photos with us. We are excited to shine a spotlight on your project and capture the opportunity to show-off your new kul grilles vent covers!

Remember to visit us at to choose the perfect vent cover for your next modern design project! 

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