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kul grilles Vent Covers a Beautiful Choice For This Randall Buffie Architect, Inc. Design Build

kul grilles Vent Covers a Beautiful Choice For This Randall Buffie Architect, Inc. Design Build

Architect Randy Buffie believes good home design should balance artistry with solid construction methods—that’s why he chose kul grilles vent covers for this warm, contemporary Randall Buffie Architect, Inc. design build.

An abundance of natural light decorates the house as Buffie makes a point to maximize daylight in all of his designs. Large skylight windows invite scores of sunlight into the sitting room where kul grilles vent covers in Brushed Chrome blend beautifully with the floor tile’s light surface tone.

Our size vent covers are available in 11 different sizes and as large as 30x6, pictured here. You can also submit a request for custom size vent covers to suit the unique needs of your design project.

buffie architects and kul grilles vent cover collaboration in living room design buildPhoto courtesy of Randall Buffie Architect, Inc.
Architect: Randall Buffie Architect, Inc.
Photographer: Troy Theis Photography

In the living room, the dark hardwood floor and paneled feature wall contrast nicely with the bright, white walls and large windows. kul grilles vent covers add an extra layer of clean sophistication to the room, complementing the sleek lines of the furniture.

modern living room design with kul grilles vent coversPhoto courtesy of Randall Buffie Architect, Inc. & Troy Theis Photography

Every detail in a modern home matters, and when those details are thoughtfully chosen by an experienced architect, they make for a design that is both polished and timeless.

kitchen and dining room design by buffie architect with kul grilles vent covers

Air vent covers should act as showpieces within a room, providing not just functionality but also visual interest. Such is the case in the bedroom of this Randall Buffie Architect, Inc. build, where kul grilles vent covers in Black Monolith harmonize the room’s warm textural elements and black trim finishes.

Randall Buffie Architect, Inc. is an award-winning architectural firm headed by Randy Buffie, a residential architect who specializes in vibrant, custom home designs.

For more than 30 years, the firm has served Minnesota, Nevada, and beyond, resulting in more than 200 individual design projects.

master bedroom by buffie architects featuring kul grilles vent covers

“Architecture is the mother of all arts. It should have movement like choreography, relief like sculpture, color like painting, and rhythm like music,” says Buffie of his unique approach to design.

From traditional, modern home designs to new, innovative ideas, Buffie believes a good home design must stand the test of time, balancing artistry with solid construction methods. Randall says, “In addition, sunlight is a big form giver in my designs because sunlight does so much for everyones sense of well being, joy and disposition. I artfully refract and bring light though interesting materials to create calm delight.”

To learn more about Buffie Architect visit

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  • As an architect in the GTA, I must say that your design showcased in the blog post is truly inspiring. The attention to detail and the seamless integration of Kul Grilles vent covers into your design is remarkable. It’s evident that your firm values both functionality and aesthetics, creating spaces that truly stand out. I’m particularly interested in how you approach the selection of architectural elements like vent covers to complement your designs. How do you strike the balance between practicality and the overall aesthetic vision? Do you have any tips for other architects in Mississauga looking to incorporate unique and stylish elements into their residential projects?

    iDiM Architects Inc

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