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classic craftsman home exterior by smithgroup with kul grilles vent covers

Mastery in Craftsman Home Design, Featuring kül grilles

Innovative design stands out in the industry for its approach to creating living spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

A shining example of innovative design is this craftsman home that melds classic architecture with modern sensibilities—including the sleek addition of kül grilles' Black Monolith floor grilles.

classic craftsman home exterior by smithgroup with kul grilles vent covers

From the moment you lay eyes on this updated interior, it’s clear that every aspect has been carefully considered and executed to perfection. The house, designed to be the homeowner’s “forever home,” features bright, clean spaces with modern black window trim throughout. 

Whether it’s the spacious living area bathed in natural light or the cozy corners meant for reflection, these photos highlight the stunning synergy between the homeowner's architectural vision and the modern simplicity of kül grilles’ vent covers. 

kul grilles black monolith air vent cover in modern dining room with black window casings

The homeowner proudly states, "My craftsman home design included black floor grilles which complemented the overall design. The grilles look terrific and I'm sure many clients would benefit from this attention to detail." 

This sentiment echoes through the home, where kül grilles’ vent covers are strategically placed, enhancing the overall design without overshadowing any element.

"I designed the home, including the HVAC system and all the details, including the choice of using kül grilles floor registers. Very proud of the design of our 'forever home,'" the homeowner adds. 

kul grilles black monolith vent cover on harwood next to area rug

Our Black Monolith floor grilles feature clean lines and a sleek finish and are the perfect match for modern design. It’s a small detail, but as the homeowner understands, it’s these small details that compile to form a complete, harmonious design.

Shop kül grilles Black Monolith grilles. 

open floor plan cozy warm craftsman living room and kitchen area with kul grilles by smithgroup

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