SausalitoPurhaus - kul grilles floor and wall grilles

One of our latest projects is a beautiful modern, healthy home in the San Francisco Bay Area. SausalitoPurhaus is being built by McDonald Construction & Development (a SF Bay Area leader in LEED home construction) and combines the concept of purist, modern design, with a focus on health.

Our clear anodized kul grille floor registers were selected as the perfect accent to this minimal, modern masterpiece. We look forward to bringing you more photos once the project is completed. 

Full details on the project can be found here:

Clear anodized kul grille floor registers being used on the SausalitoPurhaus project

kul grilles visits ICFF in New York

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City is an incredible event, showcasing the finest in modern products for the home and commercial space. kul grilles was in attendance this year, meeting with some of our customers and friends to discuss projects, new flooring advancements and just taking in the modern ambiance.

We posted pictures of our favorite displays on our pinterest board. Here are a few! The rest can be found at: 

View more modern images from ICFF at:


kul grilles - modern home site visit

kul grilles was invited to tour a modern home in Canada that is featuring our clear anodized floor and wall grilles throughout. We took a few photos for our modern followers to show the progress on the project. Excuse the dust - the project is still in the construction phase. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product and how our floor registers will add to the gorgeous modern design. Some incredible, unique flooring choices - we look forward to sharing these ideas with you!


Creative shadow cast on a clear anodized kul grille floor register.


kul grilles - down under!

We were excited to have kul grilles in Australia, visiting some local modern builders and meeting with some modern retailers. We thought we would share some photos of some of the modern projects we were visiting. Our modern kul grille floor registers are very popular down under! We are working on setting up a distributor there as soon as possible. Stay tuned!


This great development on the Yarra River came complete with a place to dock your yacht! Only $6 million.


kul grilles - How large can you build?

Many modern homeowners love the look of long, modern grilles in their modern masterpieces. Many customers wonder how long of a grille we can make for their project. The answer: As long as you want! Our longest project to date was a 35 foot (yes foot) grille for a modern home in Seattle. These long grilles come in sections of 6 foot lengths and are spliced together at the job site. The longest continuous grille we can make is 6 feet long. 

Here is a photo from a modern project that is in progress. This grille measures 15 feet long and is a gorgeous addition to this modern home. The project isn't completed yet (still waiting for paint and lights) but we thought we would share our progress with our modern fans!

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