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AC vent covers black monolith modern home exterior foreshew design by kulgrilles

Project Highlight: Forshew Design Associates + kul grilles vent covers

vent covers wall black monolith finish modern boardroom white walls black and red decor side by side foreshew design by kulgrillesFDA boardroom + kul grilles + black monolith vent covers

Foreshew Design Associates (FDA) is a passionate team of architects and interior design professionals located in Port Carling, Ontario. The firm specializes in designing and developing vacation residences for clients across Canada and abroad.

AC vent covers black monolith modern home exterior foreshew design by kulgrilles

Photos courtesy of Foreshew Design Associates Inc.

heat register wall black monolith modern office wood panel wall black and red decor foreshew design associates by kulgrilles

Our friend, Allyson Richter, Interior Designer at FDA, found herself needing to source materials for a unique project, for a very particular client. Themselves! This project was to design and renovate their own office space!

Wanting to reflect the team’s love for design, the challenge was to incorporate clean lines mixed with color and texture to create warmth. Choosing the right materials and finishes would be key to achieving the right “feel” in the space.

As with many projects, mechanical needs often dictate design decisions. The placement of the air vent covers in some areas posed a design dilemma. The vents would need to be located on the walls, in very visible areas. Two on the feature wall in the boardroom, another on a textured feature wall. Choosing the wrong air vent covers could ruin the look of the room. The correct vent covers would need to fit seamlessly into the design and look like they belonged. Enter kul grilles!

When she found our website and saw our grilles, Allyson knew immediately kul grilles would be perfect for this application. She chose our Black Monolith vent cover, for its sleek linear design and matte black finish. Our streamlined heating register covers added to the design, instead of removing from it. We are so impressed with how great they look in the space. Allyson was right, our grilles were a perfect choice!

FDA office feature wall + kul grilles + black monolith wall grilles


Shop kul grilles air vent covers

With your project, no detail is too small. Make your vision come true with our custom grilles, made to fit unique architectural requirements.  Our standard selection comes in six finishes and 13 sizes.

This unique build featured our black monolith grilles. To shop for our black monolith vent covers: Click here

Remember to keep us in mind for your next project. Watch for our next article on another modern masterpiece incorporating kul grilles!



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